Hypex FA252 2 x 250 Watt FusionAmpHypex FA252 2 x 250 Watt FusionAmpHypex FA252 2 x 250 Watt FusionAmp
Hypex FA252 2 x 250 Watt FusionAmp
Hypex FA252 2 x 250 Watt FusionAmp
Hypex FA252 2 x 250 Watt FusionAmp

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Hypex Electronics

Hypex FA252 2 x 250 Watt FusionAmp


The FA252 2x250 Watt FusionAmp is a DSP controlled two channel plate amplifier. It can be the basis of a two-way active speaker or an active subwoofer.



  • Ncore based amplifier technology
  • DSP controlled
  • All-in-one Hypex Solution
  • Neutral and transparent reproduction
  • Wide range of analog and digital inputs


Product Details

Hypex FA252 2x250 Watt FusionAmp


Due to the combination of SMPS, DSP and Ncore based amplifiers packed in this plate amplifier, FusionAmp is one of the best amplification solutions available for active speaker designs. The integrated DSP provides great audio processing functionality. Thanks to the Ncore technology distortion (THD and IMD) over the full audio and power range is negligible. Distortion at listening levels (1W) is unmeasurable.


The FA252 has two 250 watt Ncore amplifiers which can also be bridged to form one powerful 500 watt amplifier. A variety of input options ensure compatibility with most source equipment. Hypex provides their HFD (Hypex Filter Design) software to design and configure filters for the FusionAmp. You can easily add functionality to the FusionAmp with the Fusion Remote Kit for remote controllability. Due to thermal regulation these FusionAmp's are not airtight.


To protect your valuable drivers, the DSP does not contain a filter out of the box. A filter needs to be configured and uploaded using Hypex Filter design (HFD) software before the FusionAmp will produce an output signal. You can download the HFD software here.



  • 15 biquads per amplifier
  • Three selectable presets for filters
  • Source selection
  • Signal detect
  • Auto shutdown
  • BTL capable
  • Clip protect
  • Thermal protect
  • Filter protection


What’s in the box?

  • FA252 FusioAmp
  • A printed copy of the user guide
  • Speaker connection cables
  • EU (or UK) C13 Power cable
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