Toroidal Core C-Coil Jantzen Audio 2,0mH / 0,04ohm / 2000W / 8ohm / drut 2,0 rdz.50 / 95x32mm
Quantity (pcs):
Jantzen Audio
Inductance [mH]:2 mH
Category:Toroidal coils
The Jantzen Audio C-Coil is wound around a toroidal sandwich core, and it has extremely low resistance and can shift a large amount of power without getting over heated. 

The power handling data in watt RMS were measured at 8? impedance using a crossover setup. The maximum wattage data, relates to the maximum wattage load a given C-Coil can handle, before it impacts the inductance.

The C-Coil is only for application in the bass section of passive home-use speaker crossovers and for passive subwoofers.
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